Dr. Christine Meshew DC, LAc

I think that all D.C.’s have something unique to offer the patient. I believe my unique capability to heal comes from a diversity of techniques, and experience gained practicing over 18 years. Each year I like to challenge myself to learn something new to offer my patients an even better path to health. I spend quality time with my patients to ensure that all of their needs are being met.

I practiced as a massage therapist for YWCA in Phoenix, Arizona. During that time I focused on absorbing everything I possibly could learn about healing. It was a great foundation for me to launch into Chiropractic.

During this time I studied shiatsu, foot reflexology, Swedish, and the most amazing technique, Jin Shin Jyutsu. In retrospect, Jin Shin Jyutsu paved the way for my interest in becoming an acupuncturist. My teacher at that time was Mary Burmeister, who brought this amazing mode of healing from Japan as taught by her master teacher. She not only taught me this mode of healing, but also how to read pulses and be very sensitive with my hands while healing. She also taught me a more spiritual side of approaching life that has always helped me through challenging times in my own life.

I majored in art education with double minor in special education and psychology. My intent was to become an art therapist (to assist people to heal on a subconscious level through art).

Massage was simply too shallow in and of itself; I wanted to learn more about how to truly help heal people.

Make sure that the doctor is not only well experienced, but listening carefully and focusing on your needs. You should feel that your time and money is being well spent, and that you are on a path to feeling your best.


  • Craniopathy – 1997
  • Pediatrics – 2001
  • Professional Experience and Special Training:
  • Massage therapy (1971-1974) – YWCA, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Jin Shin Jyustu (1972-1974) – educated by Mary Burmeister
  • Nutrition & Herbal Medicine (1970-1973) – educated by Dr. Christopher, Mesa, Arizona
  • Shiatsu & Reflexology (1972-1974) – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nutritional therapy (2002 to present) – Seattle, Washington
  • Clinic Internship and office assistant in Chiropractic clinics (1978-81) – Iowa, Oregon

Practice Experience:

1990 to present-Practice of Acupuncture in Seattle, WA
1981 to present-Practice of Chiropractic in Seattle, WA
1971-1974-Practiced Massage as LMT in Flagstaff & Phoenix, AZ


  • Undergraduate coursework in Art, Psychology, and Education (1968-1971)
  • Graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College (1978) – Davenport, Iowa
  • Graduate of NIAOM [Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine] (1990) – Seattle, Washington

Specialized therapies:

  • Clinical western herbal medicine-1971 to present
  • N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique )-1997 to present
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – 1989 to present
  • Craniopathy-1981 to present
  • Pediatrics-2001 to present


  • Doctorate in Chiropractic (1978) – Davenport, Iowa
  • Certification in Acupuncture (1989) – Seattle, Washington
  • Masters in Acupuncture (1990) – Seattle, Washington