N.E.T. Technique

What NET is and is not:
The term NET stands for Neuro-Emotional Technique and was founded by an amazing Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Walker, who combined many components to present patients a very unique and amazing “HANDS ON” way to balance one’s emotions. The technique is a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic, neuro-linguistics and homeopathy. Overall, this is another way to restore spinal misalignments but with a deeper level of healing.

When we address the nervous system along with the emotions, than there is better guarantee of health stability to the patient. The technique was founded by a Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Walker who ingeniously came up with a way to combine Acupuncture, Chiropractic (as it relates to the Autonomic Nervous System) , neuro-linguistics, homeopathy and nutritional support. The whole concept was master minded by Dr. Scott Walker, chiropractor located in San Diego) when he realized how strongly the emotions carried over into our physical health. He found that our emotions stood in the way of spinal stability and until the emotions are more balanced, people continue to have chronic health issues

  • Chronic reoccurring pain that is unstable no matter what type of treatment is applied.
  • Difficulty adapting to everyday stresses in life.
  • Severe intense pain triggered by a stressful event in your life. (Could be past or present time)
  • An out of control child that is unstable emotionally.
  • Uncontrollable emotions that cannot seem to stabilize from therapy
  • Relationship’s that are stressful or challenging
  • Any major transition in life that is challenging & difficulty to cope with for someone.

*Note: This is not to replace any therapy the patient is undergoing & it is important to check with your physician if you are experiencing severe mental illnesses such as Depression. This technique is a great tool  however to break through “stuck” behavior and can assist your therapist as well with their counseling you.