Introduction to Sacro-Occipital Technique

The brain and the spinal cord forms the central nervous system which is the master control system of the body, co-ordinating all tissues, organs and systems within the body. The regulation and control of all body organs and systems is carried out by complex nerve impulses generated in the brain and transmitted down the nerve cord through nerve roots to every part of the body. Messages are transmitted through nerve channels from the brain to the organs and are retransmitted from organs back to the brain. This allows the brain to regulate and control all the sthe systems to produce a healthy body.

Cerebro-spinal fluid is produced in the brain and is pumped from the brain down the spinal cord, around the spinal cord and brain and is then reabsorbed. A sac-like membrane  (Dural Membrane) covers the brain and spinal cord in which it is immersed in C.S.F. The C.S.F. acts as a cushion protecting the delicate mechanism. C.S.F. also provides mourishment, removes waste material and provides an ideal medium for nerve energy condition.

Due to their importance the brain and spinal cord are protected by bone. The brain by the skull (Cranium) and the spinal cord by the spinal column. The spinal column is made up of 24 vertebra interspaced by pads called discs which allow the spinal column to move.

A very special function takes place in the human body that is absolutely essential to good health. It is the circulation throughout the nervous system of C.S.F. C.S.F. is created in the brain and supplied to the nervous system through the gentle pulsing action of three pumps. The first pump is located in the skull at the source of the supply, the second is located at the juncture of the skull (Occiput) and the neck and the this pump is located at the pelvis (Sacrum). This pulsing motion takes place every four seconds.

Sacral PumpA minute regular rhythmic motion between the occiput and the sacrum circulates the C.S.F. around the brain and spinal cord and throughout the nervous system. This sacral pump is the circulatory system o fthe brain and spinal cord and its functio is paramount to normal health.

The Spin and PelvisThe basis of the human structure is the pelvis. The pelvis supports the spine and skull, the shoulders and arms and , below the pelvis, the legs and feet. The internal organs are suspended by ligamens that attach to the spin and pelvis. The large upper high and important back muscles, including those responsible for neck and shoulder stabiltity are attached to the pelvis. All these structures must be balanced, co-ordinatied and maintained by a stable pelvis in order to produce normal nerve action.

 What is S.O.T?

Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.) is a new, comprehensive and advaced concept of Chiropractic pioneered and developed through study, research and clinical apllication by Dr. M.B. DeJarnette.

For more than half a century Dr. DeJarnette researched an studied every aspect of physiology and anatomy and clinically found that human structural distortion falls into three basic groups. He labelled the groups as Categories I, II and III.

At birth the human body has maximum health and maximum tolerance and is asymptomatic. Injury occurs at a very early age in the form of birth injuries (forceps delivery) falls, knocks and bumps. The body adapts and compensates for these injuries.

As one grows the body is continually subjected to stress.

  • physical
  • emotional
  • dietry
  • traumatic
  • environmental

All this time the body is free of symptoms. As the stresses accumulate through life, natural tolerance (resistance) becomes less and less, and the body’s ability to compensate and adapt becomes less and less. Structural changes primarily to the spine and pelvis will occur affecting balance and stability of the sacrum will become irregular and change the free flow of C.S.F.. This creates C.S.F. pressure change, increased toxicity, loss of nutrition and a breakdown of essential nerve energy transmission.

Finally, a stage is reached where there is a maximum adaptation and compensation, and minimum tolerance.

An established condition or disease process ensues causing organ systems to malfunction and ultimately produces pain and symptoms. Categories I, II and III indicate a gradual breakdown in the physiological adaptive range, as a tolerance declines the spine and pelvis deteriorate from Category I to Category II to Category III. The Chiropractic objective is to re-establish structural stability, improving neurological function and tolerance by reversing Category III to Category II to Category I.

With a higher level of tolerance the body is better able to compensate and adapt, it becomes symptom free and increases the physiological adaptive range achieving a higher level of health.

Chiropractic Care
Your chiropractor is the only person in the health field who is qualified to stabilize the spine and pelvis and to restore normal balance to the sacral pump mechanism.
Only when the sacral pump circulates C.S.F. will the nervous system perform to the level to which it was designed. Provided nerve channels of communication are left open, the brain will diagnose the body’s needs and direct propers respond to those needs, All chemicals and hormones necessary for life and health are made normally by the body and prescribed by the brain the most exacting manner.

S.O.T. is not a therapy that treats named diseases. It is a system of removing the cause of nerve malfunction unsung minimum force to restore and maintain health.

S.O.T. employs the use of wedge shaded blocks to allow the body to seek its correct alignment and balance. There are many combinations of block positions used, and these rate determined by tests that precede each adjustment. S.O.T. recognizes the importance of body language in the form of neurological tests, weak muscles, tender areas and other signs and indicators to determine the typed adjustment needed.

As the body responds and heals, stress areas around the body are eliminated and natal tolerance levels are reinstated.

Home Care – Your Responsibility
Healing is a process that only your body can facilitate. As such it is your responsibility to eat correctly, rest, minimize stress and follow your Chiropractor’s instructions.

Your restoration to health is directly related to the care and advice you receive. The onus is on you to cooperate accordingly.

From Introduction to Scro-Occipital Technique
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Q: If it is such a powerful technique, then why don’t more chiropractors practice this?
A: It takes a slightly longer time then the average techniques to administer to the patient. It is also somewhat complex to learn. Unfortunately, a lot of doctors have opted not to incorporate this into their practice for these reasons.

Q: Does it hurt to have someone manipulate your cranium and TMJ?
A: Sometimes it can cause discomfort, but patients tell me that they believe the results are well worth it.

Q: Why would someone choose this technique over an more commonly used adjustment?
A: Someone experiencing chronic low back pain from sitting, TMJ imbalance, migraines, severe allergies and asthma, reoccurring colds and sinusitis, complex neurological imbalances, twitching eyes, etc. will benefit from this specific technique. Patients also like it because it is gentle and safe. For example, I use small blocks for children and standard size blocks for adults and older children. All that the patient has to do is lie still with the blocks positioned a certain way, for a certain amount of time, while the doctor monitors and checks things elsewhere. (Depending upon the positioning of the blocks, other areas of the spine and cranium are aligned.)

Q: How does using blocks really work?
A: As the patient breathes lying on the table, the position of the blocks specified to the patient’s needs and gravity pull against the weight of the patient, the adjustment occurs.

Q: Does S.O.T. only involve the pelvis and cranium?
A: No. It is all encompassing. It includes spinal and extremity alignment along with the cranial and pelvic corrections.