Why Supplements

The primary reason why we need to consume supplements with our daily intake of food in America is because the soil has been robbed of its vital nutrients over time. How did this happen? After World War II, there was a surplus of nitrates that were used in the explosives for warfare. So the chemical manufacturing companies decided this would make a great marketing tool of promoting these unnatural “fertilizers” as being an important adjunct to the farmers. As a result, we now have vegetables and fruit that have been robbed of their natural rich vital nutrients as they have been manufactured arti-ficially. So over time, the abuse of all of these fertilizers and pesticides has destroyed the land of its vital nutrients and also polluted many of the streams and creeks.

Because it takes a tremendously long time to replenish the soil of its natural rich mineral content, even organic foods may not be at their maximum nutrient value. (However, organic foods certainly have a much better nutrient value than commercially grown foods overall, as well as; they taste much better.)

What is the solution? If you can’t grow all of your food on your own land with all the full vital nutrients available in the soil from organic gardening, then vitamin and mineral supplementations are the next best thing for the public to consume to “supplement” their diet. Once you develop a routine of taking your supplements, you should notice a significant difference in your health within 1-2 months.

With today’s supplement market, it is easy to mistakenly take more than you need or the wrong combination, or perhaps a brand that isn’t suited for your body type. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with your primary alternative doctor to not only help advise you on your supplements but also your dosage. If you are unsure of what type of foods you should or should not be consuming, then check with your doctor. What I find overall, is that most people eat either the wrong combination of foods, skip meals, over-consume their foods, eat in a hurry, drink too much liquid during the meals or just eat whatever is convenient at the time due to unplanned schedules during their work week.

Have you ever done a comparative study of tasting organic foods verses non-organic?

Especially not having to taste the pesticides & herbicides infiltrated (that travel immediately to the liver and are stored here) in the foods from reckless farming.

Currently, the cost of organic foods is higher than the cost of commercial grade foods. The same goes with supplementations. But the value return far outweighs the cons when it comes to your health in the long run. Due to the higher demand for organic produce, there are more stores opening up segment s of their produce section and charging less as the demand goes up. Be sure and ask the doctor for a nutrition survey sheet and get started on the right road to better health immediately.

For more information on what type of supplements you might need to support your overall health, contact the phone number mentioned below. (*Note: All supplements advised is in support within the scope of a health practitioner as a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and is not advised for the cure of any disease or illness.